Huntingdon bar manager denies sexual assault charges

by Tom McBeth

A bar manager has denied three counts of sexual assault of a former member of staff at a town centre pub in Huntingdon.

Mr Godfrey Kennedy, 53, was charged at Peterborough Crown Court with making sexual remarks and three counts of sexual assault during his time working as the manager of Cromwell’s Bar in Huntington.

The allegations are being made by a former barmaid of Cromwell’s Bar who claimed that the alleged incidents took place between August 2013 and October 2014.

The alleged victim claimed that Mr Kennedy assaulted her whilst she was on shift and that the incidents took place in the pub’s cellar, kitchen and managerial office as well as behind the bar during a busy shift.

One alleged incident was said to have taken place on a busy DJ night at the bar whilst celebrity Ricky Raymond, star of ITV show The Only Way is Essex, was a guest visitor.

The alleged victim also claimed that an incident of sexual assault took place at Mr Kennedy’s flat after a late night shift.

Defendants of Mr Kennedy accused the alleged victim of intentionally not making the accusations soon enough, with the first recorded incident of police involvement taking place over six months later in April 2014.

The defendants argued that this meant that the bar’s CCTV footage was no longer available and that Mr Kennedy was unable to recall details of his whereabouts and actions on the alleged dates.

Mr Kennedy, who was the manager of both Cromwell’s Bar and the Territorial Bar in Huntington at the time, described all of the allegations as “spurious lies” and “holy untrue” and vowed to “prove unconditionally that [he was] innocent”.

A request to dismiss the case based on inconsistencies in the dates and details was denied by the Judge.

The trial is ongoing.

May 2015

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